Surgical Consent

Surgical Consent is an electronic consent platform to enhance shared decision making, reduce errors, & enable trusts to go paperless.

98% of us will undergo an operation, and decisions at these points in our lives are often critical. As Surgeons, we know that patients are frequently poorly informed about their options, and poor decisions can be made.

With a paperless mandate for 2020, and increasing medical negligence bills, currently £1.2bn per year, Surgical Consent offers a solution for patients, doctors, and hospitals.

“Unless changes are made to the processes to gain consent … dramatic increase in expensive litigation.”

Founding Team

Dafydd Loughran
Dafydd Loughran


Edward St John
Edward St John


Specialty Advisors

Our team of over 40 specialty advisors, across 25 specialties, ensure that you can trust the information we provide.

Surgical Consent is clinician led, and all the information provided is referenced and based on best available research and outcome data.

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NHS Clincal Entrepreneur Programme

Benefits to the NHS

With 10m UK operations per year, in 170 trusts, by 20,000 surgeons, the improvements we can deliver to the consent pathway can translate into huge benefits for the NHS.

£58bn/year is spent on operations & procedures in the NHS. King's Fund evidence states if we better informed patients and understood their priorities, we’d appropriately decide not to undertake 20% of the operations we currently do, potentially saving £11.6bn a year.

The NHS also spends £1.2bn per year on medical negligence costs, with around £46 million relating to consent issues, a figure expected to increase rapidly following recent legal changes, often from errors that can be negated by digital processes.

Surgical Consent helps the NHS meet its target of becoming paperless by 2020.


Our electronic consent forms has been successfully piloted at Imperial Healthcare NHS Trust, improving the information provided to patients & reducing errors.

Imperial Healthcare NHS Trust

Our iOS mobile resource contains key information on over 500 operations and procedures, including vital pre & post-operative information, outcome data, and complication risks.

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Published Evidence

Completion of hand-written surgical consent forms is frequently suboptimal and could be improved by using electronically generated, procedure-specific forms, The Surgeon - August 2017

Surgical consent: the world's largest Chinese Whisper?, BMJ Medical Ethics - Feb 2015

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